A mural is a painting created directly on a wall. I have painted murals in public and private buildings, and I will be happy to work with you to create the perfect mural in your space. 

As a mural painter in Southern California, I come directly to your location and create the mural you want. Explore the photos of my murals here on this web page, and call me at 714-423-2648 to discuss your needs. 

Murals are a special kind of art. It's important that they harmonize with the architecture of their surroundings. You'll see that my murals enhance their surroundings and provide a dramatic focal point.

Many of my murals show a classical influence. You can see that elements of trompe l'ceil and faux finishes are also incorporated into some of these projects. 

At the same time, I enjoy creating whimsical murals for kids' rooms and families. A muralist like me can provide an enriched environment that stimulates your family's imagination.

When you are ready to bring a custom mural to your home , public space, or business, call me or send an email explaining your vision. We can discuss the feeling you want, the space you have in mind, and the details you're envisioning. We can work out the perfect balance of realism and fantasy for your 

With this information, I can give you an estimate for the cost of the art. We will work out the details of the project, and I will collect a 50% deposit. Final payment is due on completion of the mural.

My clients tell me how much pleasure their special murals give them. I look forward to bringing this same experience to you. 

A peaceful landscape -- perhaps with a surprising detail -- can set the stage for entertainment, contemplation, or action. A legendary figure or an adventure-filled scene from space or the sea makes a conversation point for years. 

A mural for a public building or business can instantly turn your organization into a landmark. 

Call 714-423-2648 to discuss how a mural can enrich your life.

Santorini in the Greek islands; private home